Watch the Movie . . . But First, Pick Your Player!

"Count to Ten with Walter the Wobbegong Shark" is available in the following two e-movie formats. Please select the one that's best for you! If you aren't sure, your best bet is to select "YouTube." Enjoy!

  1. Windows Media Player (WMV)
    (This option is going to look best, as long as you have the right software, OS, etc--generally you need to be running Windows and have the latest version Windows Media Player installed.)
  2. YouTube
    (This option has the best chance of working regardless of your software/OS! But be sure to select the "HQ" option in the lower part of your "YouTube movie screen" to make sure the pictures look the best they can! And for best results, select "HQ" right after pressing "Play"!)


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Walter The Wobbegong.
One of the SmartSharks™.

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