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We worked very hard on this. Please ask our permission before reproducing the movie, this website, these drawings, or these characters in any way, shape, or form.
-- Thanks, Tom & Liz

Thank You's

Walter The Wobbegongtm is dedicated with love to my beautiful children & their amazing mother.
-- Tom

A very special thanks to the great Tom McGowan and Rod Ruth, and most especially for their classic book Album of Sharks. Both my sons and I saw our first wobbegong shark via this terrific book. If you are a publisher, please consider getting this book, and the whole "Album" series, back in print!

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This website is best viewed using the very latest version of Internet Explorer available (currently, 7.x). Sorry to all you anti-MS people out there (and I know there are a lot of you), but let's face facts: most people use IE, and I designed with that in mind. That being said, the site should basically work in other major browsers (namely, Netscape and Firefox), but it won't look or behave quite as well. I do know that Firefox for some reason will not display a vertical scroll bar on a lot of these pages, and I have given up trying to find out why. Just use the "page down" key and curse my name. I can take it. Same goes for having to download any special players to view the WMV. Just remember that your kids are most likely looking at this with you, so don't get too colorful when you slam me!

To my knowledge, all sound effects in the Walter movie are freeware; if you are one of the sound owners and feel differently, please contact Tom and the sound will be immediately removed/replaced.

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Walter The Wobbegong.
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